Current projects FSE

Current Projects

•  Field tests began in Panama in 2008 to compare the use of locally indigenous botanicals to reduce soil erosion into stream beds. This valuable work will help to diminish sediments that are potentially harmful to the health of off-shore reef systems in the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Reserves of Panama, assuring support of bio-diversity and protection of threatened aquatic species.

•  Rescue of partially deforested lands in Central America provides a natural field classroom for youth to observe and study protected areas that are allowed the natural processes of reforestation and to compare these with that of human directed reforestation by the planting of local indigenous trees.

• Plans for supporting the establishment of eco-reserves in Central America began in 2007, and today exist as protected and privately owned biospheres that support a biodiversity of local fauna. Current plans are to expand each biosphere and establish each one as a sustainable and internationally recognized perpetual private land trust. With the support of individual and institutional donations, projected areas for expansion will surround nearby wetlands, streams and rivers.

Future projects FSE

Future Projects

•  Involvement of local communities in the decontamination of streams and waterways: Planning is underway to use local and national media resources, making possible the dissemination of a network of educational topics from more careful use of insect pesticides and herbicides, to reduction of human waste and industrial effluents finding their way into our watersheds.

•  Network existing environmental groups to promote the concept of biosphere expansion. This concept exists today in Central America as “Corredor Verde”, consisting of sustainable eco-reserves that would be recognized by respective governments as perpetual private land trusts. These would connect with one another to form a continuous canopy of forested lands that in future years will connect national park biospheres and provide a range for threatened species from toucans to jaguars.